Bexit has ushered us all through collective, socio-economic delirium leading to a case of Brextrip, the never-ending high of a bad trip.

Fear, paranoia, and the occasional intoxicating grandeur: what is symptomatic of the hallucinogenic trip; became, in equal measure, a diagnosis for the UK's current political chaos.

The 27 stamps symbolising the remaining members states of the EU, allude not only to the conventional format of LSD, but to the severance of a whole when the parts are finally used to mail correspondence.

Theresa May, performs her infamous dance sequentially on the Brextrip stamps, immortalised in hyper-psychedelic fluorescence. She dances not only on the rithms of UK's departure from EU, but those of a failed spiritual experience that leaves her country deeply divided.




London, Uk.

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