Three is the fourth-largest mobile network operator in the United Kingdom, with about 10.3 million subscribers.

To tackle the idea that mobile phones are fundamentally bad for the human race, they've partnered up with Wieden+Kennedy to take on the cynics and bring some balance (with a dose of humour) to the debate with a new brand campaign "Phones Are Good".

During my 3 years permalance gig at W+K, I was leading and art directing the development of the campaign's motion design language.

The motion system is inspired by our everyday interactions with phones and aims to reinforce Three’s fun, energetic and confident personality by using a bold typographic approach sprinkled with vibrant 3D elements.

Role: Lead motion graphic designer, motion design, graphic design, art direction, edit.
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy
3D: Builders Club
Sound design: Marian Popescu

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